The Road To Santiago Part 3

Mino to Betanzos 12Km

Day 3 of our camino. We turn our backs on the coast and start to head inland. The hills become higher and steeper as we walk through this wonderful Galician countryside. Again the weather is hot with temperature in the high 20’s. Spirits are high as we enter Betanzos.

The Compostela certificate.

Compostela .

To obtain The “Compostela” certificate you must obtain a Pilgrim Passport and collect at least two stamps a day for the last 100km you walk the camino. You can obtain your passport from the Pilgrims Office. The ” Compostela” is a religious certificate written in Latin. You can get stamps from Hotel’s, shops, cafe’s, churchs.

The Pilgrims passport.
Every stamp is a memory.

Buen Camino.

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  1. I’ve been binge-reading your Camino experience this morning, and enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve always been curious about this trek, and you’ve provided fascinating info, including the passport and certificate. Thanks for sharing your experiences. 🙂


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