The Road To Santiago Part 2

Fene To Mino 18.5Km

Fene to Mino another hot day with temperatures in the high 20’s as we walk through amazing coastal scenery. It starts to get hilly with steep climbs. We stop at the coastal town of Mino for the night, and enjoy the evening on the beach and drinking the local beer.

St James and the birth of the camino.

St James was one of the disciples of Jesus Christ. Following the crucifixion of Jesus Christ he went to north Spain to spread the word of Jesus. King Herod summoned him back to Judea and then beheaded him in 44AD. His followers took his body back to north Spain and buried him .

His body lay undiscovered until 813. This led to the creation of a religious shrine on what is now Santiago. People then started to make pilgrimages to the site. In 12th century a cathedral was built over his tomb. For over 1000 years people have made this wonderful pilgrimage to Santiago. The pilgrimage office recorded 327,342 compostela certificates issued in 2018.

Buen Camino


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