2019 Image Challenge # 1 Rivers, Canals & Streams.

Erewash canal.

Bridge links Stapleford to Sandiacre.

The Erewash canal is nearly 12 miles long. From the river Trent to Langley Mills.

One off the many narrow boats . image tonemapped

It has 14 locks, designed by John Varby.

The canal is popular with narrow boats.

Work started on the canal in 1777. Finished in 1779 it cost £21000 which was £2000 under budget. It was finished ahead time too.

Footbridge over the canal connects Stapleford to Sandiacre. image tonemapped .
St Giles church Sandiacre overlooks the canal.

The canal was built to bring coal out of Erewash valley pits, and down to the river Trent. Where it went onto Nottingham and Leicester.

More narrow boats.

During the second war the canal was used to transport munitions from Stanton Ironworks.

Walking on water.

Today the canal is used for leisure.